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Visitors Visa / Tourists Or Short Term Visas

Breakthrough Migrations is an Australian leading Immigration Agency from Sydney.

We provide a wide range of visa services and immigration solutions to people who want to live and work in Australia.

Our team of qualified professionals has been assisting thousands of people like you with their Australian Visa Applications since 2006.

We help with all types of visas, including  Working Holiday visas, Business visas, Parent visas, Partner (Spouse) visas and Student Visas; visitors visas and Refugees and humanitarian visas are visas we also specialise in.

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Visitors Visa / Tourists Or Short Term Visas

Australian tourist visa is open for all nationalities. A fee is required to send an application for Visa. An ETA application can be downloaded from the official home affairs website (link given below) and the application form is needed to be filled with correct information.

This is a temporary visa known as subclass 600. An online application form can be uploaded from anywhere around the world, and there is no need to visit an embassy personally.

A tourist visa belongs to subclass 676 and doesn’t allow to work in Australia. And suppose you are planning to visit a family in Australia. In that case, your Australian family member will sponsor you, and they must be a permanent resident of Australia to be eligible to support you. 
With a visitor visa, one can visit family and friends, see the beauty of Australia and can do anything except medical and business activities.

Visitors planning to join a training in less than three months or any informal studies can also apply for visitors visa. Parents of Australian residents can visit and live for more extended periods. 
You must have enough money to visit Australia In your bank account. You must declare the purpose of the visit and intend to come back to your home country. Proof of good health and good character should be provided, and one should not have any debts to the Australian government.
You cannot work in Australia with a visit Visa. To apply for a Visit Visa, one should be out of Australia. The stay time can be from 3 months up to 12 months. 12 months' permission is granted under some specific circumstances only.

The priority will be given to the exempted applicants from travel restrictions. Age is an essential factor when applying for a Visit Visa for Australia and Visa processing time varies for various age groups.

All travellers must comply with the rules and restrictions Implied by the state. This includes quarantine, vaccination and testing rules which may vary over short notice. State and territory governments decide these rules.

While you have Visa, you are not allowed to travel to another state without a quarantine period, and all quarantine expenses have to be paid by you.

The processing time for a visit Visa is as follows;
One point to be considered here is that the Tourists visa is not given by the Australian government visa granting authority but is issued by the government department of home affairs. New Zealand passport holders can apply for Visa after arriving in the country. 

Student Visas

Australia is home to many excellent universities and is one of the top destinations for students worldwide. If you are looking forward to studying in Australia, you need to consider the following requirements;
The requirements for a student visa for Australia vary depending on the type you want to enrol in and the duration. You need to make an account on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) website. 
After making the account, you need to apply, and you can keep track online through immi account. A certain amount of student visa fee has to be paid by the student and sometimes has to attend an interview if needed.

They need to show a genuine intention for staying in Australia for a temporary period for the sole purpose of studying. 
Student visa subclass 500 has the following requirements;
  • Enrollment 
  • Genuine temporary entrant
  • English language command
  • Good financial backing along with a proof 
  • Insurance
  • Health examination 
  • Character Assessment 
The checklist again varies depending upon the country you are coming from and on the education provider 
The department of home affairs has a tool for the checklist, and it's updated twice a year. But the most common documents required are as follows;
  • Personal documents, including birth certificate
  • Copy of ID card 
  • Identity page of passport 
  • Household registration Book
  • Certified CV by local authorities.
  • Four passport size photos 
  • A copy of the student's biodata page
  • Applicants under 18 years of age need to show the consent of their parents 
The application form needs a confirmation of enrollment (COE) to showcase that students have been enrolled on the course.

To be eligible for a student visa, one must choose a course from "The Commonwealth of Institutions of Courses". This is an online code, and applicants need to provide an online student visa application form.
The application should be sent at least 12 weeks and six weeks before the course starts. An Australian student visa is usually valid for up to 5 years. Students can bring their families along; they can travel anywhere within Australia and yet can travel outside Australia.

Once the course is started, students can work up to 40 hours in two weeks and earn. Department of home affairs considers various factors while evaluating your application, including the value of your chosen course, immigration history, your circumstances in your home country, and circumstances I'm Australia.

To keep your Visa valid, you have to keep a few things in mind, including remaining enrolled and making satisfactory progress during the course and full attendance.

A local Australian address is required so that the university can contact you, and one must update the institute in case of an address change.

One must be able to afford and keep maintaining financial affordability while studying. And keep in mind that working conditions are not breached.

If a student decides to enrol in a new course, he would need to get a new student visa.

Refugees And Humanitarian Visa

A humanitarian resettlement Visa is provided under Refugee and Special Settlement program. 

Since 1945, Australia has given refuge to around 70,000 people in their homeland. As many people worldwide are interested in getting this Visa, there are many misunderstandings regarding this visa type, and the process is not a simple one.

This visa type is applicable for both inshore and offshore applicants. There are around 7750 places allocated under this program which includes both onshore protection visas and offshore humanitarian applicants and immediate family members of Humanitarian and Protection visa holders already in Australia.
Under the Refugee Convention 1951, those outside their country who are afraid of Persecution based on religion, race, gender, minority basis, beliefs, or any other reasons can apply for this Visa. He must be outside his country and cannot get protection from his country.

Any asylum seeker who contacts other country authorities (host state) can opt for this visa type without even paying the application fee.

Resettlement is referred to as the "transfer of Refugees from their countries where they got refuge to Australia for their safety, well being, freedom and protection of fundamental human rights.

The Special humanitarian program has been designed for those who have faced discrimination and violations of fundamental human rights in their home country and has some links to Australia. There are zero fees charged for this application.

Those who have relatives in Australia can apply for a humanitarian resettlement Visa. The processing time for this Visa is quite long as there are many applications for this Visa worldwide, and available Visas are limited.

With this Visa, one can stay in Australia permanently and work/study in Australia. Afterwards, they can promise their families and relatives. Not every Refugee will be eligible for resettlement.

The shortage of places means that UNHCR will only recommend or refer the neediest of cases. The criteria used by UNHCR to select refugees for resettlement include the following:
  • Women who were at risk of sexual abuse and gender-based violence.
  • People whose health is at stake need medical treatment that is not available to them where they are residing.
  • Survivors of violence and trauma and in need of asylum.
  • Children are prone to violence and physical abuse.
  • Old aged Refugees whose best interest lies in resettlement.
When it represents the only means to reunite refugee families who, owing to refugee flight or displacement, find themselves divided by borders or by entire continents, or
When voluntary repatriation or local integration is not available or feasible in the foreseeable future.
Apart from meeting the above criteria of Persecution, an asylum seeker must meet the health requirements, character requirements, and priority will be given according to the severity of violence, the extent to which they are connected with Australia and the capacity of the

Australian community to provide for their settlements. Moreover, it will be accessed that giving asylum to the person is not harmful to Australia's interests. 

Moreover, the visa grant must be consistent with 'the regional and global priorities of the Commonwealth about the settlement of persons in Australia on humanitarian grounds.
These are the main subclasses of this visa type.
  • Refugee (visa subclass 200)
  • In-Country Special Humanitarian (visa subclass 201)
  • Emergency Rescue (visa subclass 203), and
  • The woman at Risk (visa subclass 204).