Working Holiday visas are an excellent opportunity for young people between 18 and 30 years old who want to visit Australia while still working.

The only restriction with this visa type is that you can't have more than 6 months of employment by one company (exceptions apply), but because it's so flexible, many travellers work in multiple industries throughout our beautiful country!
Would you like to learn English in Australia? If so, there are many courses available for people who want their education abroad. For example, the Working Holiday Visa gives them an opportunity of studying whole term (4 months).
You can apply for a Working Holiday Visa outside of Australia. Our Australian migration agent, Sydney, will ensure that the process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible, with their expertise in dealing only with international applicants!



This visa is for young people who can have a holiday and work side by side in Australia. This is a temporary visa valid for up to 12 months only. This lies in subclass 417, and applicants can work according to their will and capacity (part-time, full time or voluntary).
The age bracket for this visa is 18 to 30 years. The other subclass for this type of visa is work and holiday subclass 462.
To apply for a working holiday visa, the department of home affairs need to consider citizenship and the ability to finance themselves during their stay in Australia. The program is usually reciprocal, allowing young Australians to travel and work under similar arrangements in partner countries.


Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417

This was introduced in 1975, and initially, this was available for young people of three countries only i.e. united kingdom, Canada and Ireland. After 5 years, the visa got available for many other countries, including Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and many European nations. At the moment.

Many young people come from Japan, France and the United Kingdom each year. The work is restricted to 6 months if you work with a single employer.

And if you want permission to work for more than 6 months, it requires;

 Employed as an au pair
 Employed in certain industries in Northern Australia, such as aged and disability care, agriculture, construction, mining, tourism, and hospitality.
The applicant must have
 Hold a valid passport
 Meet the education requirements
 Meet the health requirements
 Meet the character requirements
 Be outside Australia while applying
 Must have sufficient funds to supply themselves
 Must have proof of return from Australia (a return ticket)
The working holiday visa has no caps and can be accessed multiple times. The 2nd working holiday visa option startled in 2005 and was only applicable to seasonal agriculture workers for 3 months. Now the second working holiday is valid for up to 12 months.

After working with a single employer, you need to apply in the 2nd year for another six months. A dependent child cannot accompany one at any time during the stay.

The required documents include;
 Copy of birth certificate
 Two recent passport size photos
 A copy of the bank statement
Working Holiday Visa Subclass 462

This visa started with an additional requirement of working holiday for more people from different countries. Now people from Thailand, the US, China, Spain, Turkey, Indonesia and Malaysia. Many other countries are still in the negotiation process for this Australian visa. There are some additional requirements for this visa apart from subclass 417, such as;
 Fluency in the English language
 Letter of support from the state
 People from China and Israel are exempted from letters of support.
 All countries have a cap on this program except the USA.
This program provides a pathway to further employment under some other visa categories, leading to permanent residence in Australia. Recently, there has been a rise in this visa category, and many of the applicants are international students.
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