The Best Migration Solution For Business Owners And Investors

Business Skills Visas



If you're looking for a way to enter and work in Australia, Australian business visas might be the answer. Currently, we face significant skill shortages within accounting firms and automotive trades engineering companies; many other industries too!
Business Visas such as those listed below allow applicants to work in Australia in their nominated occupation with an approved sponsor for up to four years.
Breakthrough solutions is a registered migration agent who specialises in the Business visa is for those investors and Businessmen who want to grow their business in Australia, attend a conference, want to collaborate with Australia based or start a new business there. 

There are four types of categories;
1. Owners of businesses
2. Senior executive employees of big businesses
3. Investors
4. People with a history of significant business and sponsorship from the government.


Business Innovation And Investment Visa Provisional (888)

The business innovation and investment visa Provisional (888) is a state nominated visa that allows people who hold four-year Temporary visas to apply for permanent residence in Australia.

The Business Talent Permanent Visa is designed for investors with a proven track record of success in Australia. 

A state nominated business visa it's an excellent option if you want to invest and live abroad but maintain your Australian citizenship as well!

Significant Business History Scheme (Subclass 132)

The Significant Business History Scheme is a new visa program that the Department of Home Affairs introduced.

One must meet all requirements for genuineness, including providing proof to state they have been granted benefits from their home country's government before applying and receiving this honour!

Business Innovation And Investment Visa Provisional (188)

This is a state Nominated visa, and it's valid for up to four years. This can lead you towards long-term permanent residence--if your stay here isn't too short!

For visitors who come on holiday or just visit friends/family members temporarily, three months are granted as an inviting Short Stay Visa each year (depending upon where they're coming from).

The Business Innovation Stream possibilities include starting new businesses, which means strong potential at landing jobs with some Australian companies;

Business Talent Permanent Visa 

This is again a state-nominated business visa for investors with a successful business history in Australia. 

Investor Visa 893

This is a state nominated permanent residency Visa; one can permanently live in Australia to operate their business.

This is valid for five years and can be extended for permanent residence. Only the applicants who have a Subclass 165 visa can apply for this visa and must fulfil the Department Of Home Affairs nomination requirements.

They must have lived in South Australia for a minimum of four years. They had held 75000 AUD $ in South Australians Government Finance Authority Bonds. And they must have a business investment plan of about 75,000$ AUD.